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Break the Cycle of Changing Furniture: Why Your Child Needs a Growing Table and Chair with Adjustable Height.

Did you know that height-adjustable desks have many useful advantages?

Find out about them in the article below!


Create a favorable and healthy learning environment for your child with the illo Wood growing table and chair set! The ergonomic and sustainable features of this revolutionary solution provide ideal support for a child's physical health and well-being from early childhood to adulthood. Choose wisely - invest in your child's future with illo Wood!
The child sits at a wooden study desk with an adjustable height, ergonomically correct
Study desk with adjustable height

The learning environment is considered ergonomic if the elbow joints are bent at a 90-degree angle (without straining the shoulders), and the computer keyboard is at the same level as the elbows.

We can conclude that children of different heights need a table with a different surface height.

Finding a desk that fits height can be quite problematic, but not if you choose a desk with adjustable height.

This aspect is especially important if you have to work at a desk for several hours.

Height-adjustable tables are a great choice for children and teenagers, because as the child grows, the height of the table top can be adjusted without spending a cent on buying new furniture.

A series of health problems arise when studying or working at an inappropriate desk height:

Arm and shoulder muscle tension, reduced blood circulation, discomfort or pain in the legs, back and other parts of the body, reduced ability to concentrate, increased fatigue - these are not all health problems that can arise from long working hours.

There are many benefits to using height-adjustable desks, especially when it comes to children's health. Children work for a long time at the computer and study, so it is very important that their work environment is ergonomic.

Children's bodies change and develop quickly, so it is important that the height of their desks can be adjusted according to their height.

With a height-adjustable desk, you can easily adjust the desk top to ensure proper ergonomics

With a height-adjustable desk, you can easily adjust the desk surface to ensure proper ergonomics, thus preventing potential health problems.

Going through the list, we see that improper table height for children can cause many health hazards. Therefore, it is important to choose a table that allows you to adjust the height, so that it is comfortable and healthy for children to work.

We have a solution

"illo Wood" Table and chair that grows with the child with adjustable height:

The development and well-being of our children is every parent's priority, and that includes the physical environment in which they learn and grow. Today, when more and more time is spent sitting at a desk, it is essential to ensure that this environment supports healthy posture and physical well-being. In this article, we will introduce a revolutionary solution - "Growing table and chair", which are designed to promote correct posture and ergonomic sitting from early childhood.

Growing furniture - an investment in the future

Traditional children's tables and chairs often do not take into account the child's growth rate and ergonomic needs. As a result, parents have to buy new tables and chairs that match their child's height every couple of years. However, growing furniture offers a sustainable and economical alternative - one set that adapts and grows with the child thanks to the possibilities of adjusting the height of the table and chair.

This means that the child is always comfortable, regardless of their height changes, and parents do not have to worry about constantly buying new furniture.

How does furniture that grows with the child contribute to correct posture?

"illo Wood" growing table and chair is designed taking into account the ergonomics of the child's body. A table and chair with adjustable height allows you to precisely adjust the height of the furniture, ensuring that the child's legs always reach the floor or the position of the footrests, the elbows rest in a comfortable position and the back is straight. It reduces the load on the muscles and skeleton, preventing back deformation and promoting a healthy posture.

Natural and safe materials

Our priority is not only ergonomics and furniture longevity, but also safety and sustainability.

Desk with drawer in white

That's why we use natural materials: birch plywood, oils and waxes on a natural basis, which are very durable, environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful formaldehydes and other substances that occur when the air temperature changes in the room.

All edges and corners of the furniture are rounded and smooth to protect children from possible injuries. A large drawer built into the desk, in which you can conveniently store stationery and notebooks, has a latch that prevents the drawer from accidentally opening.

Why choose the "illo Wood" table and chair set with adjustable height?

By choosing our growing table and chair set, you get not only furniture, but also a long-term investment in your child's physical well-being and health. They are suitable for children from 5/6 years of age (height 110 cm) and can last until adulthood (height up to 175 cm), ensuring flexibility and adaptability at any stage of growth. We are proud that our product was created with the child's future in mind, promoting healthy development and a comfortable learning process.

The growing table and chair go beyond the functionality of ordinary furniture, becoming essential tools that support your child's physical health and promote his academic achievements. We invite you to join the many parents who have already discovered this revolutionary solution and have seen its positive effects on their children.

Choose wisely, choose furniture that grows with the child - an investment in your child's future.

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