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I am illo wood

Furniture for children that is made in Latvia! 

We produce furniture for children's development inspired by the Montessori and Pickler methods of education.

I am illo cat

Meklē kvalitatīvas, ilgtspējīgas un drošas mēbeles?

  • > Cik ilgi mēbelēm vajadzētu kalpot Jūsu mājā?

  • > Kā Jums šķiet, cik izmaksā kvalitatīvas mēbeles ar pievienotās vērtības?

  • > Vai esat gatavs samaksāt mazāk un turpināt mēbeļu mainīšanas ciklu ik gadu?

  • > Vai Jūs gribētu lai Jūsu mēbeles kalpotu daudzus gadus?

Ja Jūs vēlaties lai Jūsu mēbeles ir kvalitatīvās un kalpotu daudzus gadus, tad Jūs esat pie īstā ražotāja.

Mēs ražojam izturīgas un kvalitatīvas mēbeles bērniem, pusaudžiem un arī Jums no Baltijas bērza saplākšņa. Mūsu darbs ir ieguldījums Jūsu nākotnē un Jūsu bērna izaugsmē.

Mūsu mēbelēs izmantotie materiāli neizdala formaldehīdus un citas vielas, kas ir raksturīgi mēbelēm no skaidu plātnēm.

Join the illo world and try something new

illo wood interneta veikals
Little Peak triangle arch and a slide

Arch with a triangle and slide

A multifunctional developing playground for children can be used both in the yard and at home

It can be connected with triangles from "Little Peak" series and an arch

Learning tower table and a chair in one

Transformable climbing tower with a table (Kitchen helper)

Little peak small triangle with a slide 
Pickler's triangle

Suitable for the first steps of climbing

A table with a chair can be adjusted to the child's height. Height adjustment for table and chair

Adjustable to the height of the child with three levels for the table and two for the chair

Double Pikler climbing triangle Little Peak and a slide

Big + Small 
Triangle with a slide

Lielais un mazais pikleres trijsturu komplekts

Little Peak set of two triangles with a slide

For brave and experienced children 

This set is well suited for children who are already at least 2 years old and want to try illo triangles to improve their balance and various tricks.

You can fully use this set for playing at home or in the yard. Also, if necessary, you can supplement the set with an arch or an additional triangle.

Little Peak arkas un piklers trijstura komplekts

​Little Peak Triangle and Arch Set

The best choice to start with

This set is perfect for started with illo .

From the age of 8 months, you will be able to fully use both the arch and the triangle separately or by connecting them together. As the baby grows and becomes a brave crawler, you will be able to create even more complex obstacles to improve the baby's skills.

Mazais Pikleres trijstūris ar slidkalniņu

Little Peak triangle with a slide

For the bravest children

This set is designed for starting the first steps.

We recommend trying Little Peak triangle with a slide that can be used from both sides from the age of 8 months.

In addition, you can complete the small set with one of the triangles or an arch from the Little Peak series in just a moment. It's simple - connect them together. This play structure is used in the home environment to ensure children's physical development and.

Montesori kāpslītis ar galdiņu berniem - Transfotmējams tornītis

Transformable step stool with a table and chair

For curious children 

The transformable step stool for children - "Montessori step stool" is a climbing construction which will help your children safely reach hights that would usually be hard to reach. It's a very useful tool for children who want to help cook food, play at higher tables, wash dishes or brush their teeth. It's easily transformable from a step stool to a table with a connected chair for the child to play or enjoy their self-made treats.

illo pasaule enkurs
illo wood playground and furniture_edited.jpg

This is where the "illo" story begins

illo grows with the child - combine to your heart's content.

Build your Little Peak set as your child grows.

Start with one today and add a new stage later. 

Fast delivery in 1-2 business days

We produce furniture for children

but DPD or Latvijas Pasts will deliver it to your door

Fast delivery of children's furniture in Latvia

Pick up the order Yourself

If you don't want to wait and spend extra money on delivery, you can receive your order at our factory - Silikatu street 26, Riga, Bolderaja.

Important! Orders are delivered on business days. 

After receiving a confirmation of the order, you can come to us to collect

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Contact us

Factory address

Silikatu street 26, Rīga, Latvia


Working hours

+371 244 24 240


8:00 – 17:00 





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Factory address:

Silikatu street 26, Riga,

Latvia, LV-1016

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