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General terms

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(Here and after – “Terms and Conditions”) represent a series of legal provisions defined by the owner of the web site. These provisions regulate the order of use of the website by its visitors, as well as the relationship between the visitors of the website and its owner.

When determining the Terms, it is necessary to take into account the specific needs and features of each website. For example, if the website offers goods to buyers in the framework of electronic commerce, it is necessary to formulate other terms than for a website that offers visitors only information.    

In the Terms, there is an opportunity to protect the owner of the website from the risk of legal liability.


What moments in general must be stipulated in Terms and Conditions:


  1. Who can use the website; what are the requirements for creating an account (if applicable)

  2.  Basic commercial conditions offered to clients

  3. Payment methods (credit and debit cards, online wallets, cash, etc.)

  4.  Save the right to modify the offer

  5. Guarantees and responsibility for goods and services

  6. Owners of intellectual property, copyright and logos

  7. The right to suspend work or cancel the participant's account

  8. Гарантии вмезещения обытков

  9. Limitation of responsibility

  10. The right to change and revise the Terms

  11. Applicable law and regulation of disputes

  12. Contact details


More detailed information about the creation of the page with terms and conditions can be found here information article.

Explanations, information and examples given in this document are given exclusively as an example. This article is not a legal advice or recommendation, and it should not be relied upon when making decisions regarding your actual actions. If you need help in compiling your own rules for the return of goods/means, we advise you to consult your lawyer.

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